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Bad Back? Shoulder Pain? Sciatica? Sports Injury?

Bowenwork Can Help You…..

Bowenwork is a gentle and calming healing therapy that is very effective at reducing tension and pain patterns in the body. It consists of sequences of rolling movements of the practitioner’s thumbs or fingers over muscles along the spine and other structures beneath the skin (tendons, ligaments, joints, nerve bundles, fascia). These gentle moves soften and relax areas of tension in the body, which then allow joints and muscles to move freer without pain. For more information, please contact (808) 389-0532.



Sheryl Malin is a registered nurse with 23 years experience in the surgery arena and has been a licensed acupuncturist for 13 years. She provides individualized patient care through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Taoist diet.  Sheryl delivers holistic patient in a balanced blend of Eastern and Western medical traditions.

To find out more about acupuncture and the conditions it treats, visit  Sheryl’s website:

Also be sure to visit, and like, her blog on diet, food, and health at:

Sheryl offers a 20% discount on treatments for MOA members, seniors, and military.

Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar is the author of several books on health and spiritual living. He believes that health is order and disease is a disorder due to the imbalances at Mental, Physical and Spiritual level.  He helps people to find the root cause of their health problem and teach them to use alternative methods of healing and Ayurvedic herbs to restore their health and live a healthy and happy life.

To schedule a visit with Dr. Kumar for a consultation or Stress, Anger management and Wellness counseling, please call him at (808) 372-1444 or email at

Free evaluation to know your mental and physical constitution and imbalances through the Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis.

University of Integrative Medicine

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Interest in Integrative Medicine, also known as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is at an all time high. At the same time, people often wonder if the therapies they are receiving are legitimate. This is why you should consider coming to the CAM department.

About our Practitioners

All of our health care providers are licensed and educated in multiple disciplines. You can choose from doctors who are trained in Internal Medicine to Pediatrics, to Ayurvedic Medicine to traditional Chinese medicine. You can make an appointment to see one of our practitioners by calling (808) 566-6922. Website: