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24 Feb


Arts & Culture

February 24, 2013 | By |

“People can unknowingly elevate their spirituality while simply enjoying artworks by viewing them, without engaging in any reasoning.  That is the way of true education, including art education…it is important for children to enjoy learning, in order to become fully realized adults.”

Mokichi Okada

The MOA Wellness Center’s arts and culture program provides an oasis of beauty, enrichment and joy for its members, fostering feelings of tranquility and goodwill.


The Bontemae Tea Ceremony, to be performed in the Wellness Center’s Golden Tea room, combines the aesthetic values of sabi, elegant simplicity, and wabi, subdued elegance, in a timelessly beautiful Japanese custom.


Lessons in Korinka, or flower arrangement, begin with the mental intention to fill the world with brightness and warmth by using the best features found in nature, manifesting these intentions into simple yet powerful works of art.